EF Core Sidekick

A Visual Studio plugin to generate EF core entities and beyond.

What is EF Core Sidekick?

EF Core Sidekick is a powerful Visual Studio plugin designed specifically to enhance and streamline your API development process with EF Core. EF Core Sidekick provides a comprehensive set of tools that automate the generation of entities and derived DbContext from the existing database, and services & controllers. With EF Core Sidekick, you can save valuable time and effort by eliminating repetitive coding and ensuring high-quality, maintainable code.

Why Choose EF Core Sidekick?

Effortless Reverse Engineering

Build your entities and derived DbContext effortlessly by simply selecting the necessary database objects using our intuitive UI. EF Core Sidekick supports EF Core 6.0 & 7.0, automatically handles keys, indexes, and relationships, and allows easy customization of class and property names.

Rapid Scaffolding of Services

Say goodbye to writing repetitive CRUD services manually. EF Core Sidekick enables you to quickly generate CRUD services for your entities, regardless of whether the entities were generated by EF Core Sidekick or not. During the service generation process, you have the flexibility to configure sorting rules for data retrieval, define your desired sorting criteria, and EF Core Sidekick will automatically populate LINQ queries according to your specifications.

Seamless API Generation

Save time and eliminate boilerplate code with our API scaffolding feature. EF Core Sidekick generates APIs for your services that seamlessly integrate with authorization frameworks and support sensitive data encryption.

High-Quality Code

All code generated by EF Core Sidekick adheres strictly to EF Core best practices, promoting maintainability and ease of modification. Code is generated in a well-structured project featuring a layered design, clear dependency relationships, and a single responsibility principle to ensure clean and readable code.

Getting Started

Discover the power and efficiency of EF Core Sidekick today and take your EF Core development to the next level.
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