DevMagic Studio

Low-Code for Real .NET Developers

Cloud-Native, API-Enabled, Non-Proprietary

DevMagic Studio empowers you to rapidly build, generate, test, and publish EF Core-based microservices!

Code Faster

Spend less time creating boilerplate code, entities, data filters, services, and APIs. Focus on defining your business rules and DevMagic Studio does most of the heavy lifting for you.

Generates entities, search conditions, and DbContext

Generates complete CRUD services and controllers

Generates Lambda expressions, LINQ groups, and aggregations

Entity Designer
Filter Designer
Services & APIs Designer

Entity Designer

  • Supports standard, owned, and inherited entities
  • Facilitates entity relationship design
  • Configures data validation without writing LINQ queries

Filter Designer

  • Configures filters without writing LINQ queries
  • Configures multiple filters for each entity
  • Creates simple to complex filters

Services & APIs Designer

  • Set up services and APIs for each entity
  • Define sort rules for return data
  • Add services with customized filters
  • Easily create new services or inherit from existing ones

Code Your Way

Easily modify, extend, and maintain all generated code as if you were writing all the code yourself. DevMagic Studio strictly adheres to .NET best practices and allows you to work in full source code view.

Quality Code

Highly-readable code that strictly adheres to best practices

Well Structured

Well-structured project, featuring layered design, clear dependency relationships, and single responsibility

Fully Customizable

Fully-customizable code generation templates reduce the repetitive task of adding custom code

Use Your Favorite IDE

Edit your project source code in any C# IDE, and DevMagic Studio can even integrate directly inside Visual Studio. Since it generates standard .NET source code and does not utilize any proprietary runtime libraries, the sky is the limit.

Pricing & Editions

DevMagic Studio



A standalone version that has all the productivity features

EF Core Sidekick

(Generally Available)


A Visual Studio 2022 plugin that generates entities and derived DbContext, DTOs & mappings, scaffolds services & controllers

Getting Started is Easy!

Download the product and try it out for yourself to see just how easy it really is.
Alternatively, you can request a live demo to get a first-hand experience of how effortless it is to get started with DevMagic Studio.