The low-code alternative to C# IDEs.

Why Develop with SnapDevelop?

Easy to Use

Designed to be a lightweight C# IDE, it is naturally simpler to install and easier to work with than bloated IDEs.

Highly Productive

Designed to be a more productive C# IDE, it provides an integrated code generation, refactoring, and testing process.

No Third-Party Plugins

Designed to provide the key features you need out of the box, there are no hassles or risks of third-party plugins.

Key Features

SnapDevelop provides a comprehensive set of features to facilitate rapid development of non-visual C# projects for the .NET Core framework, including rapid coding, live debugging, unit testing, and easy deployment.

Integrated Environment

Develop, manage, and deploy non-visual C# projects without leaving the IDE. SnapDevelop features comprehensive solution & project management, fully integrates with leading source control systems, supports NuGet packaging and management, and provides built-in Docker & Kubernetes management & deployment.

Code Generation

Automatically generate skeleton code with various built-in code generation tools and templates. Besides directly generating models from a table and classes from a JSON/XML file, the scaffolding templates allow you to configure intricate rules or apply customized templates to get the services and controllers that fit your needs.

Rapid Coding

Code C# rapidly and accurately with powerful code completion tools. SnapDevelop lists valid values, members, properties, and methods, and it automatically filters and highlights the best matches as you type. It also lists various parameter information that is required by a method or an attribute generic type parameter.


Navigate & Search Efficiently

Navigate & search code efficiently to find types, files, and members. Instantly identify where a type is referenced, and jump to its definition or implementation. Searching and replacing code can be accelerated by using regular expressions.

Fix Code Fast

Powered by Visual Studio’s Roslyn, SnapDevelop highlights problematic code as you type, suggests potential fixes for the issue, and automatically applies the selected fix for you. A number of valuable refactoring features are also provided, such as rename, extract method, and extract interface.

One-Stop-Fixing of Errors

Find all the code-related issues from the error list panel, no matter compile, build, or syntax errors. Leverage advanced filtering to focus on important errors, navigate to it, and fix it quickly.


Debug Comprehensively

Comprehensive debugging capabilities are provided, such as setting and managing one or multiple breakpoints, setting breakpoint conditions, stepping into, over, and out of the code, running to a cursor, setting watches, checking call stack, managing exception conditions, attaching to an external process, and exploring the threads. It also supports debugging projects running on local or remote Docker & Kubernetes.

Debug REST APIs Live

While executing HTTP methods of a REST API using the integrated REST API Tester, you can readily debug the underlying C# source code with the comprehensive debugging capabilities of SnapDevelop.


Test REST APIs Visually

A visual Web API testing tool allows you to easily design, develop, inspect, test, and debug REST APIs, without spending the time to create a UI or code JSON by hand or use the third-party tools. It also provides a mock server to simulate the behavior of a real API without implementing the API.

Unit Test Productively

Productively create, manage, and run unit test cases based on the framework. From the Test Explorer, you can run your test case, check test output, navigate to the source code, and quickly debug when an error happens.


Deploy Easily

SnapDevelop helps deploy your project to a wide range of environments, including IIS server, local folder, Docker Hub, and local or remote Docker. The built-in Docker Explorer further simplifies your Docker deployment. With it, you can easily complete Docker deployment tasks, such as connecting to a local or remote Docker engine, pulling an image from or pushing an image to Docker registry, managing multi-container apps with Docker Compose, and editing the Docker files with code assistant.


Getting Started

Download the trial to start building your REST API using SnapDevelop. You can watch the 2-minute video first and dive deeper by following the documentation.