DevMagic Studio

Low-Code IDE for Real .NET Developers

Cloud Native, Full Stack, Non-Proprietary

Why Develop with DevMagic Studio?


EF Core-Centric

A low-code IDE designed specifically for EF Core that provides a visual designer and powerful code generation capability to rapidly build, generate, test, and publish complete CRUD microservices.


No Low-Code Limitations

The open design and focus on standard source code enable you to do anything with your project as if developing with a traditional C# IDE. No project is too large or complex!


No Vendor Lock-In

Zero vendor dependency for both the IDE and the app runtime. The generated code can be maintained in any C# IDE, such as Visual Studio. The app runtime does not utilize any proprietary libraries.


Free, No Catch

The free version is just that… completely free! No limitations on the size or complexity of the app you build. No licensing restrictions to run or distribute your apps. No vendor lock-in.

Key Features

Provides visual designer for EF Core and generates standard C# source code from the “design” project. It goes far beyond many other tools for EF Core, automatically generating almost everything you need:

  • Automatically generates entities, models, enums, search conditions, expressions and more.
    Watch a demo (2:14)
  • Automatically generates complete CRUD APIs and interfaces.
    Watch a demo (0:31)
  • Automatically generates the DbContext, including the relationships, navigation properties, cascaded update, TPT mapping, and more.
    Watch a demo (0:25)
  • Automatically generates LINQ for CRUD, supports Lambda expression, LINQ group, aggregation, supports to convert expressions to LINQ, and more.
    Watch a demo (0:17)
  • Automatically generates code for data validation, concurrency checking, value conversions, and more.
    Watch a demo (0:16)

The automatically generated source code adheres to industry standard cloud-native architecture and is encapsulated as RESTful APIs. It can either be consumed as microservices or reused in any other apps. You can also customize the code freely to handle very complex requirements.

Cloud-Native Architecture

The full-featured IDE enables you to further customize your project according to your needs, including support for C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, JSON, XML, HTML, and YAML. Provides built-in Docker and Kubernetes explorers to further simplify your operational tasks.

Full-Featured IDE

Provides a visual Web API testing tool to easily inspect, test, and debug REST APIs, without spending the time to create a UI or code JSON by hand or use third-party tools. It also provides a mock server that provides realistic mock API responses to requests.

Visual Web API Tester

DevMagic Studio allows you to directly deploy your project to a wide range of environments, including IIS server, local folder, Docker Hub, local or remote Docker, and local or remote Kubernetes.

Direct Deployment
Built for Real .NET Developers

Built for Real .NET Developers


The generated code jumpstarts your project but never holds you back.


Switch to traditional C# development any time you want.


Freedom to maintain the code in any C# IDE, including Visual Studio.

Getting Started

Watch a short video to see how easily you can create CRUD APIs and microservices for EF Core. Then dive deeper by downloading the product and following the tutorials.

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